Spring 2023 Fund is now OPEN

We’re please to announce the Spring 2023 Recovering A Future solidarity fund, which is open to applications from all trans, nonbinary, intersex, and gender non-conforming people living in the UK. Part of this funding round will be ring-fenced for trans people of colour (i.e. from African, Caribbean, Asian, Arab, and Indigenous descent, including people of mixed race backgrounds and other racialised people).

Throughout the year, Recovering A Future raises money to help trans people who cannot access healthcare through the NHS in a reasonable amount of time. We know that the trans healthcare system is pretty broken, and that the people who need support will usually outweigh our grassroots organisation’s ability to fundraise. Because of this, we use this application form to work out who faces the most barriers to getting healthcare through the usual routes.

Recovering A Future takes a broad view of health. We know there are a wide number of things that can affect trans people’s mental and physical healthcare, so we don’t have any rules about what the money can be used for. We do ask that if the money is being used to access medication which will be needed long-term, that the applicant has thought about how to secure the long-term supply after the grant money has been spent.

Please note that we tend to give out small grants. The average grant is typically between £200 and £400. The largest grant we have given away has been £1500.

Once completed forms have been sent to us, a member of Recovering A Future’s staff will anonymise the form by removing any information that could be identifying. Then this will be passed onto our funding panel, who will decide where the funds go. We will contact you to let you know whether you have been given any money within two weeks of the funding panel meeting.

The deadline for this funding round is 15 March 2023. Please fill in this form to apply

On the media

We are Recovering A Future. Recovering A Future is a network of grassroots organisations who campaign for trans people’s voices to be at the heart of decision making about our own healthcare. Our primary activities involve teaching clinicians about the needs of trans patients, healthcare advocacy within the trans community, and operating a solidarity fund to help vulnerable trans people access the healthcare that they need.

This is a hard time to be trans. The trans community has faced sustained attacks in the media for several months in the form of malicious articles about trans individuals and organisations upon which the trans community rely. These attacks are politically motivated and deliberate attempts to create a hostile environment for trans people ahead of potentially progressive changes to the Gender Recognition Act, in order to create a political climate where derailing that progress becomes more possible.

This weekend, Recovering A Future has been targeted by the media. We do not think it is useful to respond in detail to the comments made about us as we do not feel that they are made in good faith- they have purposefully and maliciously oversimplified our diverse memberships’ politics.

As an organisation we will continue to educate clinicians on the needs of trans patients, carry out healthcare advocacy, and fundraise for our solidarity fund. And we will continue to fight to radically democratise trans healthcare, advocating an informed consent model so our lives aren’t put on hold by strangers.

Now more than ever, we need to organise for a society which treats trans people with empathy, solidarity and mutual aid. Because of this, we will be shortly opening our solidarity fund for applications, to provide financial support directly to trans people who need help accessing healthcare. Please consider donating to the solidarity fund here.

Spring 2022 Solidarity Fund is Now Open!

The Recovering A Future Solidarity Fund is now open for applications. The deadline is 9th April 2022.

Throughout the year, we raise money to help trans and gender variant people who for whatever reason cannot access healthcare treatment through the NHS in a timely manner. We know that the trans healthcare system is in crisis, and that the people who need help accessing support will usually outweigh our capacity to fundraise. As such, we use this application form to identify those who face the most barriers to accessing healthcare treatment in more conventional ways. A proportion of this funding round will be ring fenced for trans people of colour.

Our fund is raised through the generous donations of supporters around the country. Please consider fundraising for us, or donating via the PayPal button below. You can also choose to become a member of Recovering A Future.

We can now accept donations!

Help us to provide access to essential healthcare today.

Recovering A Future takes a broad view of healthcare, which recognises that there a wide number of things that can impact on an individual’s healthcare needs. As such, we place no restrictions on what the money can be used for. We do ask that if the money is being used to access medication which will be needed long-term, that the applicant has thought about how to secure the long-term supply after the grant money has been spent. Some things we have funded in the past include:

- appointments with private gender clinics;
- hair removal;
- counselling and therapy;
- rent payments when the money isn’t there because of a health issue;
- mobility aids;
- sick pay;
- part payment of surgery costs;
- wigs, binders, clothes, etc.

Once applications have been received, a member of Recovering A Future’s administrative staff will anonymise the application text and pass them onto our funding panel who will allocate the funds. We will contact you to let you know whether your application has been successful within two weeks of the funding panel meeting.

Here is the application form to fill in. If you have any questions, please email us at info[at]recoveringafuture.org.uk

Local Chapter Reports 2021

Find out what Recovering A Future’s local groups have been up to over the last year. If you’re interested in setting up a local group in your area, or want to be put in touch with the existing chapters, please get in touch at info@recoveringafuture.org.uk


As a beginning chapter, the Liverpool chapter hasn’t done a great deal so far this year, but we’ve got big plans

Things done:

a few small fundraising stalls, selling ATH merch and Zines at various gigs and Roller Derby events.

lots of printing of said merch.

setting up and running the Ebay shop for the Merch.

organised the first ‘Auction for Trans Health’, which raised £1670.

In the next six months, our plans include:

an “Introduction to Advocacy” training day.

auction for Trans Health 2 (in April).

organising a Celidh and supper for Burns Night as a fundraiser which will actually probably take place in manchester, so we can test out the ‘format’ with cool people that we know so we can do it again later.

roller derby fundraiser scrim.


Recovering A Future Nottingham was founded over summer this year. We keep people engaged by discussing our activity on a private Facebook page, keeping in touch with people via an email account, and holding monthly meetings. Our first activity was to give out leaflets at Nottingham Pride to attract people who want to get involved in campaigning. At time of writing, we are preparing to hold a stall at a Council Health Fair (which will have finished a month ago) where we will be (have been) asking for trans people’s experience of accessing local services; we have already received accounts of failure to implement best practice at the Nottingham Centre for Gender Dysphoria with regard to titles and pronouns, and in hospitals allocating trans inpatients within gender-segregated wards.

As well as lobbying service providers to resolve these issues, our present goals are: to work with the local Health Shop to develop harm reduction services for people who are self-medicating; to challenge the disappointing decision of local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups to not provide gamete storage for trans patients starting HRT; and to lobby MPs to raise trans issues in PMQs and to support legislation & policy that benefits trans people. We had the opportunity to raise these in person with the Leader of the Opposition, and were met with a warm response.


The Sheffield Recovering A Future chapter was founded in January 2021 with an ATH activist training day. We had our first meeting following on from this, trans people came from Sheffield and surrounding areas to discuss healthcare issues in our local community and beyond. Since then we have held monthly meetings and used Basecamp to discuss events, fundraising and projects.

Throughout the year we’ve continued to build a presence in Sheffield, showing solidarity on pickets with junior doctors, holding a fundraiser film screening of Tangerine, having stalls and workshops, raising awareness and funds. We’ve engaged with local NHS trans healthcare services through open meetings. One of our members has designed a new ATH logo which we’ve been using locally and propose be used nationally. We have also organised this year’s ATH conference and fundraiser gig.

In total we have raised over £800 this year, most of which has been put into the solidarity fund with some being invested in screenprinting supplies to print more merchandise to raise further funds and a little towards publicity printing costs.

One of our goals is to have information on which GPs in the Sheffield area are trans-friendly. We will then be able to share this information with local trans people and contact the less trans-friendly GPs to work with them to make their services trans-inclusive. So far we have collated a list of all the GPs in the Sheffield area and written a survey to send out to them.


It’s been an active year for Manchester Recovering A Future. We still struggle to meet regularly and draw new people in, but have shown progress on this front.

We were on pickets supporting junior doctors and took action against companies privatising the NHS with Picket the Profiteers. We’ve organised numerous events, including the Transfeminist Festival, Trans Day of Remembrance Memorials, and Self-Care Days (with massage, reiki and advocacy!). We’ve held advocacy drop-ins at monthly TransMCR meetups organised by LGBT Foundation, and helped them and Rainbow Noir organise an event series for trans people of colour.

We’ve developed a good working relationship with the LGBT Cancer Support Alliance, helping organise a Trans Cancer Study Day at Wythenshawe Hospital. We’ll continue working together over the next year. We’ve also begun talks with Macmillan Cancer Support about improving services for trans people.

We’ve hosted advocacy training in Manchester and trained clinicians and medical students locally. We’ve almost finished a zine about Rage!

We’ve worked with No Prisons Manchester campaigning against plans for a new mega prison in Manchester, highlighting the negative impact of prisons on trans people. Some of us participated in an action at Manchester Pride with Direct Recovering A Future.

We’re creating an accessible, cheap electrolysis service staffed by a trans electrolysist. We’ve trained someone and almost have the studio ready - just a bit more DIY to do!

Next year we’ll continue strengthening our anti-prisons organising with No Prisons Manchester, do more advocacy training sessions and self-care days.


After Jess and Loz ran a training day at the University of Leeds in the Summer of 2020, The Leeds Chapter of Recovering A Future started meeting at Mesmac from September 2020 on a monthly basis.

Activities which we have been involved in include having an Recovering A Future presence and stall at the University of Leeds Non-Binary Conference at the beginning of June, hosting the advocacy training day in Leeds on 26th of June, supporting the Junior Doctors Strike in April, and hosting the ‘Big Swish’ Make up Tutorial events at Mesmac (One successful event took place on the 19th of September and there is another one coming up on the 26th of November 2021).

Cass is standing down as the coordinator of the Leeds Chapter as they have moved to Manchester. LJ and Reuben are stepping up to coordinate. We will be managing the handover between November and January.

Plans we have in place for the near future include a Lush fundraiser; a gig fundraiser (planned for February/ spring 2022) and training Cass, Reuben and LJ (and anyone else who wants to come along) as healthcare provider trainers.

There have been many other plans that we would like to take forward in terms of campaigning, advocacy, fundraising, surveys and training. We really need more people to get involved to make all of this happen. Please contact us at leedsactionfortranshealth@ gmail.com if you are interested in learning more or getting involved.

Recovering A Future Conference and Elections 2021

Greetings friends,

You are cordially invited to the second annual Recovering A Future conference and AGM!

The conference is taking place at Norfolk Park Heritage Centre in Sheffield on the 26th-27th of November 2021.

We have some exciting workshops and speakers lined up for you, including Salvage Collective - preventing gendered harms in activist communities, Tara Hudson on her experiences as a trans prisoner, Sex Worker Open Univerity discuss trans sex work, Ruth Pearce shares findings from her recent research into trans health and activism, plus more to be revealed!

Book now to avoid disappointment:

https://goo . gl/forms/0d7DQjC7vg7dABvx1


Our committee elections will also be taking place on the Sunday of conference and online via email.

Our committee is responsible for overseeing the work of Recovering A Future and will be accountable to the wider membership. Elected committee members will serve for a term of 2 years on a staggered basis, so you will be joining some members of last year’s team on the committee. Key responsibilities include: determining the goals and direction of the organisation, appointing and managing volunteer roles appropriately and listening to and acting on the wishes and needs of the membership.

Committee members should be willing to spend at least 3 hours most weeks on ATH meetings and work. Although some current members of the committee work 20+ hours per week on Recovering A Future work, this is not expected of all committee members. Most of our communication happens online, committee members need to be comfortable using online forums and emails to keep in touch with each other on a regular basis. Job shares are absolutely welcome.

We currently have 6 roles on the committee up for election:

1 x Committee Member (reserved for a person of colour)
2 x Committee Member (reserved for disabled person)
1 x Committee Member (reserved for a non-binary person)
1 x Committee Member (reserved for a woman)
1 x Committee Member (open place)

It is possible to stand for multiple roles in this election but you will need to fill out multiple nomination forms. You can find the nomination form here:https://goo . gl/forms/ej8utjdg7mequHQJ3

Any person standing in the election must agree to the following statement:

“Recovering A Future is a grassroots organisation fighting for democratic trans healthcare and trans liberation. We believe in the principles of mutual aid, education and solidarity and this is reflected in the training and fundraising work that we do. We believe that trans people come from all walks of life: we are working class, we are black, we are disabled, we are LGB, we are women. As such, for trans liberation to be achieved we need to actively fight against all forms of bigotry and build coalitions with other groups with similar, radical aims.”

If you have any questions, please get in touch at info@actionfortranshealth.org.uk


One more announcement, polish up your dancing shoes because we will be having a fundraiser gig on the Saturday night of conference at The Lughole on Arundel Street, next to the Lord Nelson pub, in Sheffield. We’re thrilled to announce The Spook School will be playing, plus Seth Corbin,Grotbaby and Dispute Settlement Mechanism. Lots to look forward to! Facebook event is here, tell your friends: https://www . facebook . com/events/586473154869039/

Well wishes and hope to see you in Sheffield next month,


Recovering A Future