Does your trans* social group, university LGBT Society, or health collective want to affiliate to the Recovering A Future Network?

Affiliation is free and easy, and gives you access to the following benefits:

  • a delegate place at our national conference;
  • ability to be consulted and to comment on our upcoming research before it is released;
  • a vote at our Annual General Meeting so your group can help direct what we do;
  • support in your trans* healthcare related campaigns;
  • ability for your members to get involved in Recovering A Futures upcoming campaigns

What we expect from affiliate groups:

  • that you support the aims of Recovering A Future
  • that you organise at least one fundraiser, action, or joint event with or for us each year, which we can support you in organising

How do we affiliate?

If you want to affiliate your group to the Recovering A Future Network, please email affiliate[at] with the following details:

  • the name and aims of your group or society
  • up to date contact details
  • the date of the meeting where your group decided to affiliate

3 Replies to “Supporters”

  1. Hi, I help run an internet support group and am currently affiliated with the Clare Project and LGBT consortium. My background is in nursing and we’re currently running a poll to feed back issues to healthwatch Brighton following concerns regarding surgical delays.

    I’d love to both link to your site and be an affiliate, and was very impressed with your statement on racism, cultural appropriation and safer spaces.

    Transiness works by encouraging a positive “feel” among trans people, combining positive affirmations with signposting (mental health/ other support groups) and positive news stories. We are frequented by well known activists, like Jenny Ann Bishop, Carol Steele, Alex Drummond and we integrate with local and UK support groups, advertising their events and networking people to available resources.

    Although we are not a political pressure group, sometimes issues that are affecting everyone can become political which is why we are taking action now. We also believe that sharing information about current trans issues and what is happening helps our members to feel heard.

    Thank-you 🙂

  2. Hi I help run a Trans peer to peer support group as well as giving talks to local colleges, the Group runs twice a month in Stoke-on-Trent & Stafford we aim to help get people networking and apart from support we other safe places for people to meet play games and be themselves.

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