On the media

We are Recovering A Future. Recovering A Future is a network of grassroots organisations who campaign for trans people’s voices to be at the heart of decision making about our own healthcare. Our primary activities involve teaching clinicians about the needs of trans patients, healthcare advocacy within the trans community, and operating a solidarity fund to help vulnerable trans people access the healthcare that they need.

This is a hard time to be trans. The trans community has faced sustained attacks in the media for several months in the form of malicious articles about trans individuals and organisations upon which the trans community rely. These attacks are politically motivated and deliberate attempts to create a hostile environment for trans people ahead of potentially progressive changes to the Gender Recognition Act, in order to create a political climate where derailing that progress becomes more possible.

This weekend, Recovering A Future has been targeted by the media. We do not think it is useful to respond in detail to the comments made about us as we do not feel that they are made in good faith- they have purposefully and maliciously oversimplified our diverse memberships’ politics.

As an organisation we will continue to educate clinicians on the needs of trans patients, carry out healthcare advocacy, and fundraise for our solidarity fund. And we will continue to fight to radically democratise trans healthcare, advocating an informed consent model so our lives aren’t put on hold by strangers.

Now more than ever, we need to organise for a society which treats trans people with empathy, solidarity and mutual aid. Because of this, we will be shortly opening our solidarity fund for applications, to provide financial support directly to trans people who need help accessing healthcare. Please consider donating to the solidarity fund here.