Help us improve your local sexual health service

Sexual health clinics can be a daunting place for anyone. especially when you are trans*.

But regular sexual health screening is important and should be accessible to all. As such Recovering A Future are launching a sexual health audit so you can help improve your local sexual health clinic.

How does it work?

The next time you visit your local sexual health clinic, you fill in a short questionnaire about your experiences. The questionnaire shouldn’t take longer than 20 mins to complete and your information will be kept confidential. The questionnaire can be found here. You might want to familiarise yourself with the questions so you know what to look out for when you go.

Then what?

Recovering A Future will get in touch with the sexual health clinic and, based upon the results of the audit, will offer advice, resources, and tailored training on how to improve if appropriate.


Recovering A Future at Sparkle and Buff 2019

The Recovering A Future team headed down to Manchester for the Sparkle weekend armed with flyers and our banner. Heres what our intrepid adventurers got up to.

First we popped along to Buff, a transguy-orientated event. Here is Recovering A Future Trustee and Queer of the Unknown superstar Loz doing some excellent performance poetry.

ATH trustee Loz performs at Buff


The next day, we popped down to Canal Street where all the bars were covered in trans* flags. I took this photo at 11am, when everyone was still in bed nursing hangovers. The streets were heaving later on in the day.



We popped down to Sparkle in Park to hand out flyers and get peoples emails. We came across some lovely people including;


these fabulous sisters of perpetual indulgence;


youth workers;


queer feminist poets;


and some other lovelies!








If you are in any of the photos in this post and you want them to be taken down, please contact info[at] and we will do so.